Message from the President

More Than Just A Pretty Face

Having a beautiful mansion to call our home, the Dallas Woman’s Forum is often considered synonymous with the actual building, the Alexander Mansion. It is certainly easy for our focus to be pulled in that direction. Who isn’t drawn to a pretty face – or in this case, a lovely historical mansion!!

But we are so much more than the Alexander Mansion! Admittedly, it’s a truly lovely building, filled with history and architectural treasures, but the mansion is only the backdrop and meeting place to accomplish our mission – in a nutshell to support and advance women, children and the community outside our doors. (And of course to maintain this historical gem of a mansion.)

When the Mansion was closed due to COVID, and then later suffered significant damage due to the February 2021 freeze, the Dallas Woman’s Forum continued, stronger than ever, without access to the mansion. We found creative ways to keep our community spirit alive and continue to contribute.

Don’t misunderstand – as stewards of this beautiful mansion, we take that responsibility very seriously. And to be honest – having a Mansion for your Club “Home” is pretty amazing.

We offer our members and guests a variety of opportunities to come together, share common interests, learn, and just plain have fun! But again – we are much more than that. Our members truly support our mission. The Landauer Head start preschool, located behind us on Munger, has been a long time recipient of the DWF support for the children through events and donations.

Birdie Alexander Elementary school, named after Charles Alexander’s sister, has also been a frequent recipient of the generosity of our members with school supplies for the students and support for the staff. (Birdie Alexander lived in the mansion for a number of years and was credited with bringing musical education into the Dallas School System.)

In addition, we have supported a considerable number of other charities, in conjunction with our member meetings, such as Gateway of Grace, CASA, Meals on Wheels, etc. With a mission to support women, children, and the community at large, we continue to seek ways to expand our contributions in both time and gifts.

Every woman has been gifted with super powers (talents and skills) that, when used collectively, give the DWF tremendous power to make a difference in the world – big and small, near and far! So – while you may come to the Mansion for programs and events (and we appreciate your support with those), we hope you will stay for the friendships, activities, and purpose of the Dallas Woman’s Forum. Like the mansion, we know that you’re much more than just a pretty face!

And did you know our foremothers – the early Dallas Woman’s Forum – played key roles in growing and supporting the Dallas Community and beyond. Here are just a few examples:

  • Driving force behind the Pure Food Law in Dallas despite fierce opposition from the Grocers who did not want to see it passed. The implementation of this law probably saved thousands of children (and families) from suffering the effects of dysentery and other food borne illnesses.
  • Establishment of the National History Museum at Fair Park
  • Creation of the Little Theater group, which has evolved into today’s Dallas Theater Center
  • Establishment of the first flower show
  • Introduction of the Girl Scouts organization to Dallas area
  • Support during both World Wars

Get active with us and unleash your superpowers! Our foremothers would be so proud!

Best Wishes,
Barbara A. Cervantes
President 2023 – 2025