The Dallas Woman’s Forum

The mission of the Dallas Woman’s Forum is to empower women and children through education and advocacy.

The purpose of the Dallas Woman’s Forum shall be: the support of benevolent, charitable, educational undertakings, and preservation of an historical landmark.

Rich in history and tradition, The Dallas Woman’s Forum was founded in 1906, two years after the Alexander Mansion was built. The Forum, which has been ensconced in this unique and priceless example of Dallas’ rich cultural history since 1930, is celebrating its second century of community service and historic preservation.

Contemporary in its mission and purpose, the organization’s heritage continues in its focus on the values of service, compassion, concern, knowledge, involvement, initiative, creativity, and courage. This foundation has made the Dallas Woman’s Forum a leader in the development of our city and endeavors to promote women’s leadership now, and in the future.

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