The Alexander Mansion – The Past

The Alexander Mansion of Dallas is among the city’s older residences and one of the few original houses remaining along Ross Avenue. The work of architectural firm Sanguinett & Staats of Fort Worth with C.D. Hill, it is virtually intact from its original construction. The original cost of $125,000.00 is approximately ten million dollars in today’s money. But the house is truly priceless considering that the fine materials and meticulous craftsmanship that went into it are not available today
Since nineteen thirty, The Dallas Woman’s Forum has been ensconced in the historic C.H. Alexander Mansion on Ross Avenue.
The home’s fine features and ahead-of-its-time amenities reflect the trailblazing spirit of the organization that makes the building its home. The granite pillars that grace the front of the structure were hewn in Vermont and transported by train to Dallas. They were so heavy that a special wagon had to be constructed to carry them and it required twenty horses to pull each pillar. Inside, there are hand carved moldings in each room and mother-of-pearl is inlaid on doors and windows throughout.

There is oak paneling in the foyer and the dining room is paneled with mahogany. Upon entering the home, the visitor is greeted by a striking triple wide staircase. On the landing is a massive ten-foot-tall Tiffany-style window with vibrantly colored glass depicting a wisteria arbor. Many original light fixtures remain throughout the house. As there was no power company in Dallas in 1904, a large generator provided electricity. The home boasts seven fireplaces, each of a unique design. The fireplace in the library is particularly unusual. When the family was traveling in Europe, they saw a large bell that they fancied. They fashioned the hood of the library fireplace on the design of the bell.

The Dallas Woman’s Forum continues to ensure that this exceptional jewel in the crown of the proud history of Dallas endures.